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I plan to finish uploading the rest of what I have published on FF.Net for Wait, What? Today as well as a snippet of the new chapter. 

Chapter 2

Walking inside Storybrooke Elementary-Middle School for the second time that day Henry practically dragged the blonde five year old down the hallway in search of his Grandmother’s classroom. Lily seemed to find it all to be great fun as she was giggling excited behind him as she attempted to keep up with his fast pace. Henry on the other hand was completely freaking out. He needed to get to his Grandmother and quickly. After everything that had happened to him since he had brought his birth mother,Emma, home to Storybrooke finding his future daughter while sitting at Granny’s Diner really shouldn’t faze him.

He was the son of the Savior and the Evil Queen.

He was the Grandson of Snow White, Prince Charming, the Queen of Hearts and Rumplestiltskin.

The Great Grandson of freakin Peter Pan.

And he was freaking out over a five year old girl.

His heart beating rapidly in his chest Henry flung himself inside Snow White’s fourth grade class and yelled “GRANDMA!”

Snow White, or Mary Margaret, as some still called her looked up quickly from some test she had been grading and smiled when she saw Henry burst into the room. Her smile faltered slightly when she saw how heavy his breathing from sprinting down the hallway. She tilted her head slightly and stood up from her desk chair. Giving Henry a confused smile as she noticed the small blonde child clutching Henry’s hand. “Hello Henry. Who is your little friend?” She asked curiously.

“Grandma we need your help. Something weird has happened,” Henry began trying to sound calm.

Before he could utter anything else Lily quickly let go of his hand and skipped up to Snow and wrapped her arms around Snow’s waist, startling the woman who looked at Henry with wide eyes. “Mama Mawa Snow!” Lily exclaimed. “I’m sorrys I left. I waited and waited and waited a reeeeaaaaaallly long time for Maddie buts she never came to gets me and and I couldn’ts find you anywheres! So I tried walkings home myself but I gots lost and then I found Henry! He shares the same name withs Daddy Mama Mawa and he’s got my storybook Daddy gaves me. How comes Daddy gave Henry my storybook Mama Mawa?” Lily took a really deep breath as she said all of that very fast while looking up at a confused Snow with a slight frown.

“Yeah, like I said something weird has happened?” Henry said with a huff.

“Ummm huh? Did you just call me Mama Mawa? Henry what is going on?” Snow looked between Henry and Lily blinking rapidly in confusion. Her brain simply couldn’t seem to process exactly what she had heard the blonde little girl say.

“Grandma,” Henry said “This is Lily. Lily Mills,”

“No it’s not!” chimed Lily indignantly frowning slightly at Henry.

“But, you said…”

“Mys names is Swan-Mills. Lily Swan-Mills,”

Wait, What? Chapter 2
Chapter 2 of my SwanQueen fanfiction. I don't OUAT, just playing around in the sandbox. XD

This is set during season 3. Pan never took over Henry’s body and the second curse never happened, yet.

Summary: Henry meets a cute little five year old claiming to be lost and demanding to know why he has her Daddy's storybook.

Chapter 1


Henry jumped slightly at the overly cheerful voice startled him out of reading his storybook. Looking up Henry came face to face with wide dark brown eyes and blonde princess curls pinned up in cute little pigtails surrounding the baby face of a little girl who appeared to be about five years old. Henry blinked up at her. “Uh Hi,” he said with uncertainty clouding his facial expressions. He had never seen this girl before and yet she seemed vaguely familiar for some odd reason.

The girl bits her lip and carefully climbs up the stool next to Henry making sure to smooth out the light blue-green sundress and the nagging feeling of familiarity hits Henry again as the girl turns in the seat away from the counter to face Henry completely. She gave Henry a big innocent goofy smile that all five year olds seem to posses. “My name’s Lily. What’s ‘ours?”

Smiling slightly. “My names Henry,”

“Really?!?” Lily said with excitement her eyes lighting up as if Henry had offered her ice cream. “That’s my daddy’s name!” Lily eyes widened in awe.

“Oh, well that’s cool,” Henry replied feeling slightly awkward. Looking around the diner for a second Henry turned his focus back to Lily who had started swinging her legs back and forth. There not being much space between them and despite Lily having short little legs, managed to kick him in the thigh repeatedly. Henry tried to move a little further back and away from the overly excited child but could not go too far without falling out of his chair. “Er is your Dad around here somewhere?”


“Oh ummm, then your mom?” Henry asked hopefully.

Lily shook her head frantically. “No I’s don’t know where Mommy or Daddy are. Maddie was ‘uppose to walks with me to schools but she wasn’t there when I’s got out!”

“Did you tell your teacher so she could call your parents?” Henry asked with a frown.

“No, I’s waited ‘round for ewver,” Lily said with a pout. “Maddie never came. So I tries walkings home myself but I’s got lost and then I cames into Granny’s cause Mommy an Daddy comes here a lot,” Lily began looking as if she was going to cry.

“Hey hey it’s okay. Oh don’t cry Lily. I’ll help you find your Mom and Dad,” Henry said quickly patting Lily awkwardly on the shoulder. He thought briefly of telling someone. However, after everything that had happened in the last few months and his rescue from Neverland Henry really didn’t want to bother his Mom’s now that they had finally allowed him out of their sight for more than ten minutes. Things were finally starting to settle down and since this wasn’t magical in nature and the girl’s parents were probably at the school right now frantically looking for her, Henry figured it was an easy fix.

Lily smiled brightly at Henry again and threw her arms around him in a loose hug, nearly falling off the stool she was perched on in the process. “YAY! Thank yous Henry!”

“Sure,” Henry said patting Lily on the back once or twice before removing himself from her embrace. Standing up he began placing his book back inside his backpack. Turning to the young girl with a raised eyebrow and a small smile. “Let’s go,”

Lily hopped off her stool and quickly took Henry’s hand and followed him out of the diner.

“Let’s head back to the school and check and see if your parents are there first okay?”

“Okays!” Lily said as she skipped beside Henry flinging their joint hands back and forth.

They’d only been walking for a few minutes when Lily suddenly stopped walking. Henry stopped as well and turn to look at her. “You okay Lily?” he asked feeling slightly concerned at the kids suddenly change from excited to serious.

“Henry,” Lily asked looking up at him with curiously eyes.

“Uh yeah?”

“How comes you have my Daddy’s storybook in you bag? Did my Daddy gives it to you?”

“What are you talking about?”

“The storybook yous were reading! My Daddy reads it to me every night before bedstime. Did my Daddy give it to you?”

Henry looked at Lily and it was like a bolt of lightly jolted threw his entire body. Henry looked quickly into Lily’s eyes.

Eyes that were strangely familiar.

His eyes.

“Lily,” Henry said in unnaturally calm voice.

“Yes, Henry?”

“Your last name wouldn’t be Mills? Would it?”

Getting ready to upload some stuff I had been working on in the last year. :)
Wow. Its been a very long time since I've really done anything in here. So its way past time to update.

Lets see. Graduated from High school in May. I start college on the 24th of August and I've gotten my self a job at Save a lot that I have been working at for about a month now. Life is slowing moving forward but you know what I'm not really in a whole lot of hurry so its fine by me. ^-^


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